Vacation Rental Cost Analysis for Vacuums – Video

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Fleet Management Saves Money

Fleet Management Saves Money

Nobody thinks about vacuums until they malfunction.  This video is an actual client example.

Their machines were under-performing because bags, belts and filters are only changed when absolutely necessary (which basically means their vacation rentals weren't as clean as they could be).  Preventative maintenance was an afterthought, and repairs took too long... both of which were a huge distraction for the maintenance staff anyway.

Worse yet, they were paying almost $34,000 on them when considering supplies, repairs, parts, staff, etc.  The Vacuum Center had a better idea.  We offered them our Fleet Management Program...

  • Maintenance was covered and made routine, enabling their machines to actually clean their units
  • Repairs were covered, just a phone call away, and are usually completed in a day
  • Supplies were covered and restocked routinely
  • We handled the transportation costs, not them
  • We covered them with loaners when and where they’re needed
  • And when they need new machines, they can be as much as 60% off, depending on the make and model

Just imagine, the most expensive thing they hardly ever thought about became hassle free, lower cost, and higher quality.

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