Oreck Vacuum Belt (B1)


Oreck Vacuum Belt (B1) – BELT-EUREKA,ROUND,HEAVY DUTY,UPRIGHT,25 PACK (These Vacuum Belts fit select models from Electrolux, Eureka, Sanitaire, Koblenz, and Oreck. You can check the detailed description below for your specific model or enter your model into the search box below to see all products and accessories we offer for your machine.)

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Oreck Vacuum Belts – Vacuum Belt

Oreck Vacuum Belts: This Oreck Vacuum Belt (B1) fits 210 other models too >>> Electrolux Eureka EL9025A-1, Electrolux Eureka EL9027A-1, Koblenz pv3000, Koblenz U-110Z, Koblenz U-180, Koblenz U-210, Koblenz U-240, Koblenz U-310, Koblenz U-310Z, Koblenz U-510, Koblenz U-510Z, Koblenz U-530, Koblenz U-530Z, Koblenz U-610DC, Koblenz U-610Z, Koblenz U900, Oreck OR100, Oreck OR101, Oreck OR102, Sanitaire S634A, Sanitaire S634A-1, Sanitaire S634A-2, Sanitaire S634B, Sanitaire S634D, Sanitaire S635A, Sanitaire S639A, Sanitaire S645, Sanitaire S647A, Sanitaire S647B, Sanitaire S647B-1, Sanitaire S647D, Sanitaire S647E, Sanitaire S648, Sanitaire S649A, Sanitaire S652A, Sanitaire S654A, Sanitaire S654B, Sanitaire S655A, Sanitaire S657A, Sanitaire S659A, Sanitaire S661A, Sanitaire S661B, Sanitaire S661D, Sanitaire S661E, Sanitaire S662A, Sanitaire S663A, Sanitaire S663B, Sanitaire S663D, Sanitaire S670A, Sanitaire S670A-1, Sanitaire S670A-2, Sanitaire S670B, Sanitaire S670D, Sanitaire S675A, Sanitaire S677A, Sanitaire S677A-1, Sanitaire S677A-2, Sanitaire S677B, Sanitaire S677D, Sanitaire SC6484AT, Sanitaire SC6484BT, Sanitaire SC6484DT, Sanitaire SC675A, Sanitaire SC678A, Sanitaire SC679G, Sanitaire SC679H, Sanitaire SC679J-1, Sanitaire SC679J-2, Sanitaire SC679JGS, Sanitaire SC679JGS-1, Sanitaire SC684E, Sanitaire SC684F, Sanitaire SC684F-1, Sanitaire SC684F-2, Sanitaire SC688A, Sanitaire SC689A, Sanitaire SC689A-1, Sanitaire SC689A-2, Sanitaire SC695A, Sanitaire SC881A, Sanitaire SC882A, Sanitaire SC883A, Sanitaire SC886B, Sanitaire SC886D, Sanitaire SC886E, Sanitaire SC886E-1, Sanitaire SC886E-2, Sanitaire SC887A, Sanitaire SC887B, Sanitaire SC887B-1, Sanitaire SC887B-2, Sanitaire SC888D, Sanitaire SC888E, Sanitaire SC888F, Sanitaire SC888G, Sanitaire SC888G-1, Sanitaire SC888H, Sanitaire SC888H-1, Sanitaire SC888J, Sanitaire SC888K, Sanitaire SC899D, Sanitaire SC899E, Sanitaire SC899E-1, Sanitaire SC899E-2, Sanitaire SC9050, Eureka 1432E, Eureka 1432F, Eureka 1435A, Eureka 1435B, Eureka 1435D, Eureka 1442D, Eureka 1443B, Eureka 1443D, Eureka 1485B, Eureka 1485B, Eureka 1495A, Eureka 1903B, Eureka 1923B, Eureka 1925A, Eureka 1932A, Eureka 4038B, Eureka C2094B, Eureka C2094D, Eureka C2094E, Eureka C2094F, Eureka C2094FB, Eureka C2094G, Eureka C2094G-1, Eureka C2094GW, Eureka C2094H, Eureka C4046B, Eureka C4046D, Eureka C4046E, Eureka C4046F, Eureka C4046F-1, Eureka C4047A, Eureka C6446AT, Eureka C6446BT, Eureka C6446DT, Eureka 6404AT, Eureka 6410AT, Eureka 6415AT, Eureka 6420AT, Eureka 6426AT, Eureka 6426ATV, Eureka 6436AT, Eureka 6450AT, Eureka 6484A, Eureka 6484AT, Eureka 7522B, Eureka 7522BT, Eureka 7528B, Eureka 7529A, Eureka 7534A, Eureka 7545A, Eureka 7545AT, Eureka 7554AT, Eureka 7575DT, Eureka 7577BT, Eureka 7577DT, Electrolux Eureka EL9025A, Electrolux Eureka EL9024A, Eureka 1934B, Eureka 1934A, Eureka 1934A-1, Eureka 1934A-2, Eureka 1934A3, Eureka 1934A4, Eureka 1934AGS, Eureka 1934AGS1, Eureka 1934AX, Eureka 1935B, Eureka 1942B, Eureka 1943AT, Eureka 1950A, Eureka 1967AT, Eureka 1967BT, Eureka 1968A, Eureka 2034, Eureka 2034B, Eureka 2034DT, Eureka 2034E, Eureka 2039AT, Eureka 2059A, Eureka 2094D, Eureka 2101B, Eureka 2105B, Eureka 2118, Eureka 2122, Eureka 2122A, Eureka 2122B, Eureka 2132A, Eureka 2132B, Eureka 2134A, Eureka 2134BT, Eureka 2134DT, Eureka 2134ET, Eureka C2031B, Eureka C2031BM, Eureka C2031D, Eureka C2094G-2, Eureka C2094G-3, Eureka C2094H-1, Eureka C2095A, Eureka C2132A, Eureka C2132B, Eureka C2132B-1, Eureka C2132B-2, Eureka C2132B-3, Eureka C2133A.

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Weight 0.83125 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 2.5 × 6 in


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