GE-Walmart Vacuum Belt (I2)


GE-Walmart Vacuum Belt (I2) – BELT-EUREKA,P/N,2PK,WORLD-VAC P/N (These Vacuum Belts fit select models from GE-Walmart and Eureka. You can check the detailed description below for your specific model or enter your model into the search box below to see all products and accessories we offer for your machine.)


GE-Walmart Vacuum Belts – Vacuum Belt

GE-Walmart Vacuum Belts: This GE-Walmart Vacuum Belt (I2) fits 70 other models too >>> GE-Walmart 106766, GE-Walmart GE6850, Eureka 1756, Eureka 3948A, Eureka 3975B, Eureka 3987A, Eureka 8280B, Eureka 8281A, Eureka 8281B, Eureka 8281D, Eureka 8283F, Eureka 8288B, Eureka 8289A, Eureka 8289B, Eureka 8293A, Eureka 8293B, Eureka 8296A, Eureka 8296B, Eureka HP6855A, Eureka SP6951A, Eureka SP6952A, Eureka SP6952AC, Eureka 6500A, Eureka 6510A, Eureka 6825A, Eureka 6826A, Eureka 6826A-1, Eureka 6831A, Eureka 6833A, Eureka 6833B, Eureka 6841A, Eureka 6841A-1, Eureka 6852A, Eureka 6852A-2, Eureka 6852AN, Eureka 6855A, Eureka 6855B, Eureka 6856A, Eureka 6856B, Eureka 6856D, Eureka 6859A, Eureka 6865A, Eureka 6873A, Eureka 6874A, Eureka 6875A, Eureka 6876A, Eureka 6877A, Eureka 6877B, Eureka 6878A, Eureka 6891A, Eureka 6892A-1, Eureka 6875A, Eureka 6978A, Eureka 6978B, Eureka 6978B-1, Eureka 6980A, Eureka 6982A, Eureka 6982B, Eureka 6982D, Eureka 6990A, Eureka 6992A, Eureka 6993A, Eureka 6993B, Eureka 6993B-1, Eureka 6996A, Eureka 6997A, Eureka 6998A, Eureka 6999A, Nutone 398, Nutone 398.

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Additional information

Weight 0.03125 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 0.25 in


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