Carpet Pro Vacuum Bags (L4)


Carpet Pro Vacuum Bags (L4) – HEPA BAG TYPE A FOR SIMPLICITY, RICCAR AND FULLER BRUSH UPRIGHT MODELS (6 pk), ALSO FITS RICCAR 2000, 4000, SUBS FOR C13 C-13 BAG (These Vacuum Bags fit select models from Simplicity, Riccar, Fuller Brush and Carpet Pro. You can check the detailed description below for your specific model or enter your model into the search box below to see all products and accessories we offer for your machine.)


Carpet Pro Vacuum Bags – Bag

Carpet Pro Bags: This Carpet Pro Vacuum Bags (L4) fits 60 other models too >>> Fuller Brush FB-EZM, Fuller Brush FB80, Fuller Brush FB90, Fuller Brush FB90T, Fuller Brush FBHD1, Fuller Brush FBHD1T, Fuller Brush FBMM1T, Fuller Brush FBMMPW, Fuller Brush FBTMPW, Fuller Brush FBP-14PWBP, Fuller Brush FBP12PW, Fuller Brush FBP14PW, Fuller Brush FBP95, Fuller Brush FBP95T, Fuller Brush FBPHD2, Fuller Brush FBPHD2T, Simplicity G9, Simplicity X9, Simplicity Heavy Duty, Simplicity 6 Series, Simplicity 5000 Series, Simplicity S20SC, Simplicity S20E, Riccar 4000 Series, Riccar 2000 Series, Riccar R Series, Riccar R500, Riccar R600, Riccar R700, Riccar R800, Riccar R800C, Riccar Vibrance, Carpet Pro CPU-250, Carpet Pro CPU1, Carpet Pro CPU1T, Carpet Pro CPU2, Carpet Pro CPU2T, Carpet Pro CPU75, Carpet Pro CPU75T, Carpet Pro CPU85, Carpet Pro CPU85T, Simplicity 6670, Simplicity 6770, Simplicity 6770.2, Simplicity 6800.2, Simplicity 6800.4, Simplicity 6870.2, Simplicity 6870.4, Simplicity 6570, Simplicity 6600, Simplicity 6550, Simplicity 6570, Simplicity 6370, Simplicity 6900, Simplicity 6400, Simplicity 6470.2, Simplicity 6970, Simplicity 6970.4, Riccar 8000 Series, Riccar 8900 Series.

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Additional information

Weight 0.675 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 × 3 × 7 in


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